Last post of 2016

I set a goal of 5 posts a week for 2017 so I thought I’d give a try to this one before the new year clicks in. The Angina Monologues are sort of an outsider’s view of the plant based whole food movement, particularly as it is expressed by Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Jeff Novick, and others who are enthusiastic about preventative medicine. I don’t speak for any of those people, but I have enormous interest in their message and will try to promote my understanding of that message. One of my favorite ways to do that is to try various recipes of people who cook PBWF. This new year I am trying one such site which I am happy to pass along to you.

Our New Year tradition is to make salads. My mom used to make them. In my very young and foolish days I would have them with cold cuts on Nee Years Eve. I still had a lot of young health to waste. As I enter the last third of my life I no longer have any such illusions. So now I modify the recipes so they are as far from the toxins as I can get them. They are still not as clean as some less processed meals, but they are not too bad. The real issue for me with these salads is the substitute for mayonnaise. Most use some sort of blended tofu concoction. This year though, I ended up at Clean Food Dirty Girl. She has an interesting take on the potato salad dressing here. It is pretty high in fat as it uses a lot of cashews, but we sometimes eat at Gracious Madre which has several offerings with a cashew cream that is probably 95% cashews or more. By that standard Molly Patrick ( the Clean Food Dirty Girl from the website) provides a reasonably non toxic alternative to the canned vegan mayos. We had been using Nayonaise, which seems to be puréed tofu, but it is very expensive and has the high calorie load of tofu. The spices in the salad dressing give it an interesting (as in, “Very good,”) flavor and I’m thinking of swapping out some of the cashews with potato to get lower calorie density at a similar consistency. I do the same thing with TerriNC‘s phenomenal nooch sauce which is a staple in our house. You’ll find that near the top of my healthy vegan food lists which I’ll post here if I ever get off my lazy ass and figure out how to post here on the Monologues. WordPress and I are still in the first date phase of our relationship. I’ll get better as you go along.

In the meantime have a healthy plant based NYE. Let’s achieve the lives to which we aspire  in 2017.

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